Prepare for your flight on SOAR TOUR now by finding answers to common passenger questions.

We strongly recommend SOAR TOUR for riders who are 10 years old and upwards.  Younger riders are likely to find the experience a little too intense. There is no upper age limit – our oldest riders have been in their 80s!  We do require all riders to have be able to sit in our slightly raised ride vehicles.  Please check our ‘Planning Ahead’ page to find out more.

Soar Tour is an intense and invigorating virtual reality flying experience.  Once you’ve flown with us we’re sure you’ll agree that our flights are just the right length!   You can also enjoy our Pilot’s Licence Photo Experience before you fly too. You should expect your visit to last 15-20 minutes in total depending on crowds.

It’s unlikely.  Most people, including those who experience travel sickness shouldn’t have any problems riding SOAR TOUR.  This is because the movements of your flying vehicle exactly match what you are watching in Virtual Reality.  However, VR itself can be quite intense.  If you do feel unwell then simply closing your eyes for a few seconds should make you feel better again.

.Because SOAR TOUR is a sophisticated Virtual Reality experience you will never actually leave the ground. However, our amazing filming, movements and special effects create a fully immersive experience of flying above the 1066 Coastline which might be difficult for people with severe height phobias.  Our ride vehicles are about the same height as sitting on a beanbag.  We don’t recommend SOAR TOUR for people with severe phobias of heights.

Each flight has four seats.  If your group is larger than this then we will do our best to ensure your group can ride consecutive flights.

For COVID safety reasons we’re only allowing people from the same household bubbles on each flight currently.  

SOAR TOUR is a gently thrilling simulator ride.  We recommend that you don’t ride SOAR TOUR if you’re pregnant or have any heart, back, neck or photosensitivity problems.  You should also be free of any broken limbs at the time of riding.  Please read our Planning Ahead page before you book your tickets.

We will do our absolute best to help everyone fly on SOAR TOUR.  Our ride vehicles require sitting on a raised seat.  Our crew will help you transition to from a wheelchair as best they can, however, we do allow carers to enter the flight deck free of charge too.  Please contact us with any accessibility queries before booking your tickets and we’ll be pleased to help.

Yes! Our visors will fit most over most glasses.

Tickets booked online are valid for arrivals at the time of your ticket.  For example, if you have a 10.00am ticket then you should check in with our crew at 10.00am.  If you have missed your slot we will do our best to get you on a different flight on the same day, however unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees.  On weekends and holidays, in particular, SOAR TOUR can become very busy and so you may need to purchase a new ticket.

Not yet!  SOAR TOUR is a small attraction that packs a big punch.  We’ll soon stock a range of goodies to remember your visit with.  In the meantime you can purchase a Pilot’s Licence Photo Experience, or a Souvenir Guidebook.

With any visitor attraction there is an inherent risk from COVID-19.  We have taken all reasonable steps possible to ensure visitor safety.  We’re ensuring that only people in the same household ‘bubble’ share flights. Face masks can be worn if you choose and social distancing guidelines should also be followed.  Between rides, our flight vehicles and VR headsets are cleaned using disinfectant.  However, the risk of COVID-19 cannot be completely eradicated. As with other public venues, visitors acknowledge they they attend SOAR TOUR at their own risk.